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LEGOs are some of the most fantastic, fun toys in the entire world. You can be certain that a toy has transcended a certain level when even grownups play with it. Make no mistake about it – there are even hardcore engineers and architects that have tried putting ideas in practice by playing with LEGO. To that end, there are many fantastic, gorgeous LEGO sets. And some of them are for comics. Below you will find the top LEGO comics sets.

  1. Batman v Superman: Heroes of Justice, Sky High Battle

Perhaps you have seen the Batman v Superman movie. It’s a fair point that there are many fans of this movie – but there are also many people that say it sucked. But the subject of this article is not the movie – it’s the LEGO comic sets. This is a pretty impressive set – and, contrary to what you may expect – it’s relatively cheap. It’s no way near some of the more expensive LEGO comics in terms of price. But it still is visually impressive. Now, there’s the Batwing at play and Lex Luthor’s helicopter. Also, a number of superheroes including Wonder Woman and Superman try to take down the helicopter. It’s a great piece of LEGO comics.

  1. Dark Knight: The Tumblr

There’s little debate about the greatness of the Christopher Nolan movies of the Batman franchise. It’s widely accepted that these are some of the best movies based on comics. Well, if there is one contraption that stands out in the trilogy, it’s that of the Batmobile. However, Nolan has decided to take things to the next level. What he has created for this movie is much more alike a tank than a regular car. And LEGO have created a very impressive set for the Batmobile of these movies. However, this set is now discontinued, so you may have a hard time finding it. It’s also very costly. But it’s pretty impressive, to say the least.

  1. H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

Now, here we have arguably the most impressive LEGO set in terms of comics. And it’s very impressive when you consider its size alone. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is a set that consists of almost 3,000 pieces. And this is quite a lot for a LEGO set. You can be sure that it’s highly visually impressive. Much like the Tumblr, this set is expensive – its price goes over 300 dollars. Yet we still claim that this is one of the best investments you can make if you’re a fan of LEGO.

In conclusion

So, there you have it, these were some of the most impressive LEGO comic sets. There are many more in this category. If you’re a fan – then it would cost you your life savings, so to speak, to purchase them all. But still, they are all visually impressive and you can show them off to your family and friends. So, in the end, you will indeed make a very good investment – we hope that you will enjoy it.





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Wow! It’s been awhile!

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Sorry! I got spider webs all over the place. Just a short note about what I'm doing now and why I'm not opening the shop in a short term.

First, I'm working on my 3rd graphic novel for my french publisher, at Delcourt, and I have a very tight deadline.

Second, the time is coming, sooner or later it needs to happen. Minecraft was a big important thing in my life for 4 years, and you guys help me on the worst times, when I was starting and I drew for pleasure. After so many time I need to move to grow up as a creator, I can't keep hanging around with a style I just did based on a game. I'm trying to evolve, but I didn't realice, that I will not do it seriously if I keep taking Minecraft Avatar commissions and such, it's lovely,though. Once I'm done with the 3rd book things are going to change and I hope it's because I had something more to offer.

Third and most important thanks! That's not a goodbye, still I'm available for short commissions, (maybe) from time to time, try to contact me using the form and I'll get in touch with you. It's good also to escape from the routine of work.

I hope we read us late this year, and hopefuly I could announce new and engaging projects, that may or not interest you all! ^__^

You know I love you all. I don't feel alone because you walked on my side all this journey.


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WONDERCRAFT-REBORN-LOGO— Click to go to the Chapter I —

Opening my heart and mind to the past and future readers:

Hello dear Miner. As you probably know it's MineCon 2015 time!! Hoping those that could attend are enjoying their time there!! It's really a magic place to meet your best new friends and even get married!

So a few days ago I found myself thinking. It was very late in the night, playing one of those online games that are an immense huge machines of wasting time. I think it was around 3 am.

I was thinking about MineCraft, the game, about my great time in the first Con, about my relative success doing the webcomic. Then the things get complicated and I started thinking how I get to the point where I am now.

To make the story short, I had working for 7 years for the second best publishers of comics in France, Delcourt. In those 7 years I just found myself getting into a tunnel that was getting tighter and tighter. It was like I focused my time there and there were never incomes after the first advancements. Economically speaking I was a sinking ship. Even I am doing (right now too) my dream job, and even with the struggles I think it really worth it. Even if that doesn't pay off at the end.

In one of those times while I was waiting for the scriptwriter to send me more material to work I discovered Minecraft, and then I started WonderCraft. 5 years ago! I had the time and the money it was not a problem. Until I get a point that it was. I opened the Avatar Shop and soon I found that I need that to go through the month and the time it required to do an avatar was taking a lot of time. I just could spent a little time doing a thing other than my french comic, and that thing it needed to be profitable in some way…. So as a candle without wax the light of the webcomic went off little by little.

SO! I had a story I want to tell. I had characters, I had my own style and I enjoyed the freedom of it. I'm about to finish a third graphic novel for my french publisher and I was looking for a new project. I spent a lot of time thinking on what will be do. I wanted to grow, I looked back at WonderCraft with some resent with some mixed feelings. Wanted to do something. I failed. As soon as I started something new, the fun was replaced suddenly with “agony of perfectionist” so I keep repeating designs, script ideas, characters designs. Finally I found that it was not fun for me to draw. There was no joy or feeling of accomplishment, they looked pretty (maybe) but it was just that.

You can imagine that kind of throughs at 3 am could do damage to your brain. An idea pop it on my mind… WHAT IF…. What if I could start over WonderCraft comic? Without pressure, just for fun. Starting as little as 1 page per week? Would be FUN for me DOING that? The answer was YES!

So I finished the draft of this first page at 4 am. The next day I put some colours and I thought about the story. It made sense in my head.
Please don't have any big expectations on this humble attempt, I feel like I already failed you once. I want to make it just for fun, and see if with time and care it can grow in something that you can look and say: That story needed to be told, Sam! Well done! ^____^

Without further explanations. Here it is the first page on (hopefully) the long road ahead.

Always yours.




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Minecon 2015 it's almost here! So, I'm running a whole month SALE (like never before) on all my Art Avatars!

 Yeah it’s hot here too!! And Summer Sale it’s ready for your AVATAR needs!

Benefit of a 17% discount for just one month! From 29th June to 29th July! Orders will be served as they arrive. So understand that if there is a delay is because 1/ Im in the beach swimming in the sea or 2/ Im overloaded of orders! ^___^

Don't forget you can check the latests news of the minecraft and video game industry on

Some changes and news on the EPIC Avatar too! Original art will be no more offered because I work almost everything in digital now, but you can order a Heavy Weight Artist Paper print of your coloured Avatar signed and shipped to you for just 7€ worldwide shipping included!

Also there is a new item at the Digital Shop! Digital Comics had landed at the shop!

Now you can own a high resolution PDF of my comic adaptation of The Little Match-Seller, a classic tale by H.C. Andersen! Check it out:


+More Info

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Original ART and exclusives

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Hellow wellow my dear Crafters!!

have you missed me in any of the Minecons I assisted? Did you wanted always to own an original piece of drawing from me? This is not digital, this is actual paper with actual ink and brush artwork!!

I'm doing cleaning on my studio and I decided to put all those originals that were around in my drawing desk on a Big SALE!

I'm leaving in a week to a Comic Convention in Barcelona to meet some publishers, and I need to pay for my wastes there for 4 days. I'll be hanging around meeting people and stuff. I already have a cheap plane ticket buy I need a little more for food and beer! You will help me to be well feed there and even I could buy some comics if there is some extra money and YOU GOT and AWESOME Original Art by SamCube!











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