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LEGOs are some of the most fantastic, fun toys in the entire world. You can be certain that a toy has transcended a certain level when even grownups play with it. Make no mistake about it – there are even hardcore engineers and architects that have tried putting ideas in practice by playing with LEGO. To that end, there are many fantastic, gorgeous LEGO sets. And some of them are for comics. Below you will find the top LEGO comics sets.

  1. Batman v Superman: Heroes of Justice, Sky High Battle

Perhaps you have seen the Batman v Superman movie. It’s a fair point that there are many fans of this movie – but there are also many people that say it sucked. But the subject of this article is not the movie – it’s the LEGO comic sets. This is a pretty impressive set – and, contrary to what you may expect – it’s relatively cheap. It’s no way near some of the more expensive LEGO comics in terms of price. But it still is visually impressive. Now, there’s the Batwing at play and Lex Luthor’s helicopter. Also, a number of superheroes including Wonder Woman and Superman try to take down the helicopter. It’s a great piece of LEGO comics.

  1. Dark Knight: The Tumblr

There’s little debate about the greatness of the Christopher Nolan movies of the Batman franchise. It’s widely accepted that these are some of the best movies based on comics. Well, if there is one contraption that stands out in the trilogy, it’s that of the Batmobile. However, Nolan has decided to take things to the next level. What he has created for this movie is much more alike a tank than a regular car. And LEGO have created a very impressive set for the Batmobile of these movies. However, this set is now discontinued, so you may have a hard time finding it. It’s also very costly. But it’s pretty impressive, to say the least.

  1. H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

Now, here we have arguably the most impressive LEGO set in terms of comics. And it’s very impressive when you consider its size alone. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier is a set that consists of almost 3,000 pieces. And this is quite a lot for a LEGO set. You can be sure that it’s highly visually impressive. Much like the Tumblr, this set is expensive – its price goes over 300 dollars. Yet we still claim that this is one of the best investments you can make if you’re a fan of LEGO.

In conclusion

So, there you have it, these were some of the most impressive LEGO comic sets. There are many more in this category. If you’re a fan – then it would cost you your life savings, so to speak, to purchase them all. But still, they are all visually impressive and you can show them off to your family and friends. So, in the end, you will indeed make a very good investment – we hope that you will enjoy it.





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When being “mean” is the cool thing

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Dear reader, just wanted to write a short article, my humble point of view about what is happening right now in social networks, about the abuse and harassing of internet users. Please forgive my english and mistakes, you all know that is not my main language! I'll try to make my point as clear as possible!



When being “mean” is the cool thing.

Heya guys, so it seems internet is raging out, full of insults bad words and bad behavior. What brings me to ask myself what's the core, the root of the problem!? I found a lot of great people on my social network, and have not been a victim of abuse, just a little casual guy trying to get some advantage being anonymous but that's all.

I have give some thinking to that and I get to the conclusion that the root of the problem is “educational” meaning that the dude that is doing that abuse had been misseducated (that word doesn't seem to exist in the dictionary!).

One of the things I have seen that raise in fulgurant success on the net is the youtubers. Thousands of young kids from around the globe watch youtube videos lots of hours per day. And one thing that those videos have in common (not all, just is a perception) the more viewers it has the more mean (bad-tempered, callous, cantankerous, churlish, contemptible, dangerous, despicable, difficult, dirty, disagreeable, dishonorable, down, evil, formidable, hard, hard-nosed, ignoble, ill-tempered, infamous, knavish, liverish, lousy, low-down and dirty, malicious, malign, nasty, perfidious, pesky, rotten, rough, rugged, scurrilous, shameless, sinking, snide, sour, the lowest, touch, treacherous, troublesome, ugly, unfriendly, unpleasant, unscrupulous, vexatious, vicious, vile) is the youtuber with his/her points of view and ways to express.

At first those videos are funny to watch, if you are an educated person you will take them as they are,  jokes and funny, burst of rage and whatsoever…

But what about kids? Young ones? They watch the videos for hours, and what they do is try to emulate that behavior in social medias. They took the words and repeat them, they charge against everything because is what they have seen it's the cool thing to do.

Of course, it's harder to say something meaningful that use bad words, bad language to charge against everything and everyone.

That's what I'm calling to youtubers. Youtube is so huge that has become a mirror to society, so people drink and see himself/herself reflected on that mirror.

So, please think on those kids that are watching you, don't think on the money or followers you are collecting, thinks as them as persons, as young impressionable dudes. Who will take your words and raise a flag with it.

Can we be more constructive, educative and nice with each other? Can we build a right place to people enjoy, have fun and learn stuff? Because watching videos it's coolest way to do that if they are made with love and care!

Let's keep positive! Love moves mountain!




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