Sorry! I got spider webs all over the place. Just a short note about what I'm doing now and why I'm not opening the shop in a short term.

First, I'm working on my 3rd graphic novel for my french publisher, at Delcourt, and I have a very tight deadline.

Second, the time is coming, sooner or later it needs to happen. Minecraft was a big important thing in my life for 4 years, and you guys help me on the worst times, when I was starting and I drew for pleasure. After so many time I need to move to grow up as a creator, I can't keep hanging around with a style I just did based on a game. I'm trying to evolve, but I didn't realice, that I will not do it seriously if I keep taking Minecraft Avatar commissions and such, it's lovely,though. Once I'm done with the 3rd book things are going to change and I hope it's because I had something more to offer.

Third and most important thanks! That's not a goodbye, still I'm available for short commissions, (maybe) from time to time, try to contact me using the form and I'll get in touch with you. It's good also to escape from the routine of work.

I hope we read us late this year, and hopefuly I could announce new and engaging projects, that may or not interest you all! ^__^

You know I love you all. I don't feel alone because you walked on my side all this journey.


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