Name: SamCube
Date of Birth: 19th April 1978
Lives in Menorca island, Spain, with his pretty wife and son.

Occupation: Cartoonist

What he does in WonderCraft: Writer/Drawer/Color and Webpage


SamCube has studied Graphic Design for fives years, has worked for several Spanish comic publishers, and has surrounded himself with other talented cartoonists, most of which are his friends. Through this, he became a cartoonist, something he never thought he would become.

Other things than Wondercraft comic, he has illustrated an Official poster for Minecraft (available at Jinx store), a bunch of card illustrations for the iOs game Jak&Poi, more card art for the kickstarted founded Castle Dice, and Cover and logo design for the indy game on development Delver. Sporadically he also collaborated with Joypad Records and Josh Whelchel in the art of some OST cover albums.

Twitter: @wooondercraft


Name : Miss Pepper Cat

Date of Birth : 31 January
Lives in the suburbs of Paris, France

Occupation: Cartoonist

What she does in WonderCraft: Color flats.

About :

Miss Pepper Cat loves comics stuff since her childhood and wants to become a great cartoonist ! She likes to experiment some different styles of drawing or  stories so  she created  with his brother the fanzine MonkeyHead 2 years ago to promote her works and the works of her friends.

Name: Astragali

Date of Birth: 16-MARCH-1971

Lives in Connecticut, USA.

Occupation: Retail Minion

What he does in WonderCraft: Editing the English-language translation of the script

About: I'm an ex-patriate Briton who fell under Minecraft's spell in October 2010. As well as helping Sam with Wondercraft, I write The Minecraft Scribe blog; write the show notes for The Shaft Podcast; play a Let's Play series as part of The Unholy Triumvirate; and I've provided voiceovers and narration for numerous Minecraft videos.

Twitter: @AstragaliUSA

Name: Simon White

Date of Birth: 13th September

Lives in Belfast, Norhern Ireland

Occupation: Student

What he does at Wondercraft: I look after the website and help Sams ideas become true.

About: Simon is currently Studying Computer & Information Technology at University. When he isn't studying or working on the WonderCraft site he runs The Mineville – that's his personal Minecraft Server.

Twitter: @Sekonda_


Wondercraft, the comic, was inspired by the award-winning indie game Minecraft (©Mojang AB.), was created by SamCube to share his experiences with the game through his passion of story-telling and art.

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Some appearences:

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· The Shaft (podcast) Episode #46

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· Minecraft Wochenschau (German) Episode #5

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