New Shop and Custom ART soon!

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Soon the avatar Art Shop as you knew it will make 3 years! That’s a lot of time drawing your avatars!
For some time I wanted to solve a few problems with the shop. First problems with the skins and 1.8, seems that they don’t appear updated on the skin search engines. So I needed captures of your avatars and a way you could paste the links without looking like a mess in my orders record.
Also, after so much time I did so many different things that they are not even listed here, and I thought giving to everyone the chance to commission some custom illustration, MC related or not, would be a great feature. Like those drawings I did of couples, or a full family, or those CD covers or more stuff. Great and fun stuff.

You can also shop and buy your games with a gamivo discount code
I hope everything will be running smoothly next week. At this very moment the Avatar Shop is already updated so it’s open for orders. More things to come slowly around next week! Hope you like what I’d planned!


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Rewards for the lovely people who could make it will be in it’s way soon.



tothemoon_01 tothemoon_02


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AVATAR SHOP open! Back to School!

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Hello wellow my dear Cube friends!!

I’m back and kicking! After this long summer and rest it’s about time to sharpen the brushes and start drawing again for you guys!

I was willing to come back for awhile and I’m ready for your command! Visit the Avatar Shop and order your favourite one!

New skin mode are supported so don’t be afraid when ordering your supercool layered skins!

Thanks so much and see you around here!



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Ice Bucket Challenge

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My dear friend and pixel artist @designatius challenged me on doing this “viral” thing! With a guest star: The Ice Pixie!

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And the winner is…

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Congratulations DelltaMan! You win a copy of Manga Studio 5!

It was a difficult task to choose just 1 winner!! Thanks so much to all of you for entering this contest I wish you the best luck on the next one! <3




You can feast your eyes with all the entries here:

Take a moment to take a look at those wonderful entries!! Winner will be announced later in this post!



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