Race the Sun – Poster Concept

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I'm starting with the warming up with some concept ideas for the Race the Sun poster. As you know if you read the last post, I'm doing some artwork for their Kickstarter Campaign. If you want to try the game or help it to get it bigger and better go here!

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Race the Sun – Help to make it bigger

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Dear reader!

I've been honored by Aaron and Forest, the creators of the Race the Sun indy game, because they asked me to do some artwork for it! And I'm pretty crazy about that game! I already had founded it on Kickstarter before they asked me about that!


What's Race the Sun?

It's a race game, obviously, but not is all there. It has poetry and some mystic air surrounding it. I'm not sure if it's because of the fashion graphics, the music or the addictive and fast paced game play. In some ways it's a journey. Journey I think it's a reference here if we speak about a game that's it's exploring, but challenging and harder each stage you cross.

The sun is your source of power, so the plane (a metallic bird kind of aircraft) will stop once the sun has go down and the shadows had grow lengthy. You can prevent the sun to go down with the power of speed. Gaining skills through levels and experience you will earn the right to use some power ups that will make your journey longer, discovering new stages of awe and putting your pilot skills to test.

race-02 race-01

The Kickstarter campaign

The game it's in a early development stage, they have the idea in their head and want to make it real! So that's why they set up a Kickstarter campaign. If you wish to help them out, just visit them and back for your favorite pledge!



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Rise of the Blobs OST

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This is the second time that I have the chance to collaborate with Josh Whelchel, this time for the cover of the Original Soundtrack of Rise of the Blobs, an iOS game available through the iTunes Store made  by the guys at Robot Invader.

It was a work with a critic deadline of 2 hours, and I came up with this 80's retro style cover. I always love to do challenges, specially for cool albums like that.

Listen to the album and click to buy it here or at the iTunes Store.

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Delver poster and FREE wallpaper

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Finally I could finish the main illustration for Delver the game.
To celebrate it here it is a total free wallpaper for your computer! Enjoy!
2560×14401920×1080 1680×1050 1440×900

If you like it you also can decorate your “real” wall, your iPad or iPhone with it!
Just click on the bag to start shopping!

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Recently and thanks to the magic of social networks I had the chance to meet Chad the creator of Delver, and I offered my humble skills to do some art, that you can see above this lines (more to come soon)

Delver is a game created by Chad Cuddigan. It has this retro pixel art style we are very familiar with, but don't get confused! This is not a Minecraft poor clone!
On the contrary, this game has soul in it's own. It's a roguelike, dungeon explorer with some great features that make it unique:
* Permadeath – once you're dead, you're dead
* Randomized levels – dungeon layouts, monsters, and loot change with every run
* A variety of melee, ranged, and magic weapons
* Quick to play, quit and resume at any time
* Runs on just about anything because Mac and Linux gamers need love too
* Easy to mod. Make your own monsters, weapons, and dungeons
* Music by WhiteWolf

I really had a great experience playing the game, and I have to recon that I didn't beat it yet. It's hard, it's challenging and it's very replayable! I think it's a game made with love for the genre and with lot of work and passion.

Try it for yourself

* You can download and play the Alpha 100% FREE here
* Play on your android for a couple of bucks here
* Give ideas, feedback and discussion here
* Also, you can support the game on Steam (very appreciated) here:

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I did this special pinup for my friend Adrian. He is quite a supporter in all things relative with Wondercraft.
Dude, I hope you like it!

You can watch the video here:

I got a couple of spare prints on this. They are A4 size (21×29,7 cm) If you are interested in buying them. You can contact me at: wondercraft.orders at gmail. Use the REF: Battle of the Iron Hill on the subject.
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