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I've been honored by Aaron and Forest, the creators of the Race the Sun indy game, because they asked me to do some artwork for it! And I'm pretty crazy about that game! I already had founded it on Kickstarter before they asked me about that!


What's Race the Sun?

It's a race game, obviously, but not is all there. It has poetry and some mystic air surrounding it. I'm not sure if it's because of the fashion graphics, the music or the addictive and fast paced game play. In some ways it's a journey. Journey I think it's a reference here if we speak about a game that's it's exploring, but challenging and harder each stage you cross.

The sun is your source of power, so the plane (a metallic bird kind of aircraft) will stop once the sun has go down and the shadows had grow lengthy. You can prevent the sun to go down with the power of speed. Gaining skills through levels and experience you will earn the right to use some power ups that will make your journey longer, discovering new stages of awe and putting your pilot skills to test.

race-02 race-01

The Kickstarter campaign

The game it's in a early development stage, they have the idea in their head and want to make it real! So that's why they set up a Kickstarter campaign. If you wish to help them out, just visit them and back for your favorite pledge!



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