Recently and thanks to the magic of social networks I had the chance to meet Chad the creator of Delver, and I offered my humble skills to do some art, that you can see above this lines (more to come soon)

Delver is a game created by Chad Cuddigan. It has this retro pixel art style we are very familiar with, but don't get confused! This is not a Minecraft poor clone!
On the contrary, this game has soul in it's own. It's a roguelike, dungeon explorer with some great features that make it unique:
* Permadeath – once you're dead, you're dead
* Randomized levels – dungeon layouts, monsters, and loot change with every run
* A variety of melee, ranged, and magic weapons
* Quick to play, quit and resume at any time
* Runs on just about anything because Mac and Linux gamers need love too
* Easy to mod. Make your own monsters, weapons, and dungeons
* Music by WhiteWolf

I really had a great experience playing the game, and I have to recon that I didn't beat it yet. It's hard, it's challenging and it's very replayable! I think it's a game made with love for the genre and with lot of work and passion.

Try it for yourself

* You can download and play the Alpha 100% FREE here
* Play on your android for a couple of bucks here
* Give ideas, feedback and discussion here
* Also, you can support the game on Steam (very appreciated) here:

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  1. It’s really cool game!Just awesome!:D

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