Why there is no update on the comic since… I don't know… FOREVER!?


To answer that I need to go back in time, like 3 years ago.

I was working on my first graphic novel for my french publisher (Delcourt) back then I had a lot of spare time between the script and the drawing, so I started playing Minecraft, fell in love and started running my own webcomic based on it.

On that time I was living with my saves, from my years as a graphic designer, also from the royalties of the first book, that enough could fuel me a little more than one year going.

The book “Lunes Birmanes” took three years to finish, it was released March of 2012 and before it gets to the stores I was already broke. By that time I already started drawing commissions for you guys, so I could afford a little pocket money, for the rent, food and all the stuff.

A contract for a new book didn't take long to come. The sales on “Lunes Birmanes” were no good, it was buried by a sea of massive titles that are being published on France each month (it's crazy like 100 titles or so every month). But luckily, my publisher trust me with another project, a big one, the one I'm working at the moment and I should deliver at the end of the year.

The royalties are not great, even if I'm working way faster this time, but we have high hopes on the sales this time!

I'm always broke, and 60-70% of my income is from the Avatar Shop. That's being said, I need to spend like 6-7 hours per day on the french comic if I want to deliver on time, included on weekends.

But I'm super-grateful! I still can work around and break sometime my routine and draw commissions for the Minecraft or for the gaming community (Race the Sun, Delver and all the other cool stuff!), I have to be extra carefully to not overtake it much, because I could burn my fingers, and don't deliver on time my book, a thing that it's unacceptable!

Here it is my dilema: a webcomic that doesn't pay your bills, a comic with great expectations and that builds into my cartoonist career and drawing commissions for money (fun included).

That's the reason why, the first thing that dropped was the WonderCraft comic. My sporadical Avatar commissions, sustain me enough (on the edge) of my wastes so I can keep on drawing the French book, hoping it will sell the hell out of it in the future.

So… is WonderCraft comic on permanent HOLD? Is DEAD?

Yes.. and no. It's there, what is done it's done. I don't know how many twist will give my live and career, so I have a bunch of chapters outlined a few designs to keep on drawing at least 3 or 4 chapters more. I don't know if I will go back to it or that was all, I'll leave it to the wind I guess. Wherever this crazy boat and raged sea take me. Maybe I will hit again in an island with no memory and a pig as a best friend.


Till then, I love you, and this blog will be up, for the Avatar Shop, little news and articles as long as you keep coming to check.

Thanks for your support. Always yours,





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