Finally! Oh wait… I'm sad! I mean my old iMac from 2006 had finally collapsed. I've been promising for almost 2 years that I will upgrade time to time I failed because lives goes on, and bills too and never could afford a new one. Now that this is inevitable, I still doesn't have the money but my wife is willing to lend me 2000€!!! Finally I can go back to YouTube videos, Skype and live drawings streams!! That's so awesome.

With that money I can buy a great computer. iMac is my personal preference due to the durability and stability all this years. Also, there are upgrades that can be made to make it a beast. I really can't either afford those, so I though this could be a neat idea, offering some stuff and asking people's help.
Thanks so much, specially to my dear wife, yes! I will return all your money and love back! And for all of  you for all the support all this time that wondercraft has been around!


2994 €

2000€ my wife's money + 200€ my own + 794€ all of you!


Thanks so much to all of you that make that possible!!! I will not forget!!

I will get in touch with all of you next monday to take note on what you want! Be ready! The new machine will be here in a week!

Love to you dudes! That' was really impressive and I can be grateful enough to all the support and love you shared in just 24h!

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