Hello fellow Crafters!
In a couple of days the Art Shop will be open with new items!
Be prepared for 3.0 of the Avatar Art Shop! It's coming with new items! Now you will be able to order a FACE IT! or a FANTASY avatar!
What's with geek names Sam? ^__^
Soon you will be familiar to those.

• FACE IT! It's a squared image (600px) delivered through email of your character face, handsome, ugly, ferocious or monster all are welcome!

• FANTASY Avatar it will take you to a new level! It's a more realistic and detailed brush work, a totally custom made drawing of your favorite fiction character or one you made yourself! Just give me some sort of description or pics (very welcome too) and I'll do my best work ever. Plus it will be shipped by post so you can frame it and put it on your wall!

bitcoin-logo (1) Another new in the shop is that (because my friend Max asked for it) now there is a new way to make your payment! The new cool thing in town it's called BitCoin.
I'm going to try that out if it's working ok I will implement it on prints and other stuff.

Thanks so much for reading the news I couldn't be more excited to start drawing them!

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