Our Favorites


Chad Favorites

* Thomas Frick

* DelltaMan

* Corefire

* Nanotech

Joshua Favorites

* Corefire

* Nanoteck

* ThomasFrick

* Yoei

Sam Favorites

* Yoei

* ThomasFrick

* Atticus Bones

* themangoartist

And the WINNERS are…

Surprise!!! Thanks to Chad generosity and our incapacity to agree on something, after some sword fights and spell casted we decided the best was to give a key to EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED and ARTWORK!!!!

SO! Expect your Delver Steam key in your email soon!!

Thanks from me, Chad and Joshua to enter the contest and create something so awesome!



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ATTENTION! To make an EARNED ENTRY you need to copy/paste the unique link from the tweet you did. Follow this steps!

Some Link:

Delver Steamshop page

Delver Homepage


  1. Dear friends!
    You need to post here your artwork! Use an image hoster like imgur or any other, and copy paste the link here.
    Yes, you need to register to the blog and add a real email address, so I can contact you if you are the winner.

    Thanks, and lot of luck to all!

  2. Here’s my entry for Character B!*keeping my fingers crossed* x)

  3. Finally finished,I did B and C (hope that’s okay) had a lot of fun creating this so I hope you like it! 😀

  4. Hi ! That’s my participation ! Enjoy and have fun ! ^^

  5. Hehe, here is my submission! A little speedpainting I made this evening!
    Keep up the good Work Sam 🙂

  6. There we go ! Hope you like it !

  7. Here’s my submission! 🙂

  8. Also went with the eyeball dude. Enjoy!

  9. Hey there!

    It appears I’m the only one to draw the Mage as of yet, but nonetheless, here it is :3

  10. hey there Sam Cube!
    well he is my entry :3 enjoy

  11. Hey SamCube, heres my entry, I know you saw it on twitter aswell.
    But i send it here in the comment section aswell.
    Just to be sure!

  12. Here is mine! Its large, so make sure to see it in full size!