Chasm Contest

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Hiya guys!

Just wanted to share my entry and passion for Chasm!

Chasm it's a videogame that is currently on KickStarter, it's approaching the deadline and  they need the last push towards the end.

Chasm is a 2d pixel platformer-metroid kind of kind that you can try for free on their kickstarter page. It's just looks awesome and it plays even better!

You can enter the contest too! What are you waiting for? 3 lucky winners will make it into the Game Artbook! Check the full rules here.

Best of luck to all of you!

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Minecraft Avatar: Cadenus

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Cadenus was the winner of the contest made by the site
She wins an avatar drew by myself. Here it is! You'll receive by post the original drawing, and via email the high resolution PNG file so you can use your avatar the way you want!

For those interested in having their avatar drew, you are lucky! Soon I'll open the Avatar Art Shop, so you can commission different kinds of avatars to me.

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Where is my Heart?

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Where is my Heart?” is an indy game made by Gute Fabrik, available for PSP that I fell in love so much. It's so beautiful, magic and has a mystical touch in it! Also is cute!!

The music by Alessandro Coronas, also big part of this magic, it's available for purchase/download here (full OST available on December 18th).


Watch how this little illustration was made:

Follow Gute Fabrik on twitter here: @gutefabrik

Follow Alessandro Coronas here: @coroneddu

Download image here.

If you want to support the artist, donations are welcome here.


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Minecraft Official Poster!

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OMG! I'm doing an official poster as a commission by Mojang! It will be released on MineCon, and sold there and in the online JINX store.

While I start this journey I recorded myself from the very beginning. Probably I'll not record 100% of it (would be too long and too boring) but I'll try to add the interesting parts. The first 6 parts are a full record of the first week.

Last Video:

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    BeBopVox – Diamonds to you

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    I made this drawing for BeBopVox from Minecraft Monday Show! he wants to print it in a T-Shirt and wear it at MineCon! Cool!

    Watch the videos:

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    LethalDrive web background

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    I draw this little background image for my Sponsor at MineCon, LethalDrive. This time I go for a Nether subject.

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