IcePixie coming as a MOD

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Work on process

IcePixie was a mob I draw for a Wtcraft-Nitroserv contest.

At the moment the mod is not finished, they are working on the skin, mob’s animation and some other stuff. They will release the mod soon so don’t forget to like it on youtube and to suscribe !

Contest results (in french) :…

Mod’s Creators : Cederavic ( ) & VengeurK (

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Chapter I *END*

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I just finished Chapter I drawing!! Miss Pepper Cat has been helping me with the flats color, and she also finished the flats for all the Chapteeer!! So next week I can start (slowly until I finish the Minecraft poster) coloring the chapter! It will be faster this time thanks to her!

Also, as other news, we got Astragali in the team! He would make a text revision of the whole comic, and the next chapters to come! No more mistakes! No more nonsense! 😀 I’m so happy and proud to have such a helpers!

And a BIG thanks for all the readers, and the donators, that have patience with every page release! With all the things and changes around I know the updates didn’t come often.

Best regards and wishes to all of you!

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Yeah! True! You heard well! Thanks to Jacob Jervey at LethalDrive who has so generously sponsored my trip to Minecon, I’ll be there, right at his big booth, where I’ll be drawing for all the attendees. I’ll be prepared to take this challenge of non-stop drawing

So if you are coming, I expect you to approach it an shake hands!

 If you want to know more about LethalDrive and his server packages click on the link or in the image!


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Wallpapers are here!

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Now you can dress your computer and Mobile properly with this Wonder, Wonder, WonderWallpapers!
Go to the Wallpapers section under the downloads and choose your favorite.

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Let’s go to the USA

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First items to the USA! That’s how I decorate the envelope in every order. That time is going for a loooong journey!

Thanks for the order!


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1st shared position in New Mob contest!

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Nitroserv and WTCraft organized a great contest in which you have to design a new mob for Minecraft. They selected five to be send to mojang AB for their consideration, and 3 winners, 1 second position and 2 first position. Icepixie, the little ice creature I presented has been selected in the first position! So I’m a winner!? WOW!

Prize are 100€ in steam games, and a 20 slot Minecraft server free for 3 months! That’s pretty great! Also, the very big honour to be sent with the others to Notch and the others it’s… wow!

I want to thank Nitroserv and WTCraft for such great honor that they have give me, and because of his great support and love for Minecraft community!

Look all the other winners here and nominated here


NitroServ it’s a french game server in expansion that soon will be available in different countries.

WTCraft (What the Craft?) is the news feeds for french speakers all about Minecraft, with all the super fresh news.


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