The Last Stand Raffle

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Hello guys!!

Welcome to a new WonderCraft Raffle!
This time I'm using this give away for 2 things:
– Spread everywhere my Jinx Minecraft entry on the Tee contest
– Show off the new Item that will be available through the shop soon: Fantasy Avatar!

To get into the contest you just need to tweet something or/and give some votes (5s are so welcome!).
If you love the Enderdragon I would appreciate a lot if you leave a comment in the entry comments at Jinx page.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What's an Fantasy Avatar? Here:

Jinx Contest Tee! Make it REAL!!

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EPIC Twitter Raffle II

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Hello again friends! Because next friday it's my 35th birthday it's time to give away something! So here it is another raffle! Enter to win a FREE EPIC Avatar delivered to your home! Awesome right!?
Best of luck to all of you!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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And the winner is

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Download the skins here:

Old Cartoon Hero by Nitroaurora

Donald Duck by Samcek97

Royal Hero by Iairu

Soldier of Phantasy by Onii55 

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King Greedious

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I finished the drawing based on the winner's design, Frekkle. Here it is King Greedious, soon you will see him in the WonderCraft comic pages. Thanks so much for the amazing design Freekkle!

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Monthly EPIC Contest IV (AUGUST)

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You can enter the contest until 20th August (included)


Hello dear reader!!
Welcome to the Monthly Epic Avatar Give Away!

What's this?
It's a contest!

What's the prize?
You get an original drawing mailed by post to your home, of your desired Minecraft character, and also, you get a high resolution layered image file, that you can use anyway you want.

Wow! Now I'm excited! What I need to do to enter?
This month is something awesome! Everyone can join in!
Minecon 2012 had been announced and I'm willing to go (if I find a sponsor). I want you to help me to dress Markus Featherstone, the WonderCraft hero, for the special event.


You just need to download the “Nude Hero” skin and draw some sweet clothes on him!
Be fashion, be brave! He has to look charming and epic to meet Mickey and all the others Disney characters.


1. Download here the template skin. I'm just wearing underwear here!

2. Using a Minecraft skin editor like this one, you can upload the nude skin. Put some fashion and awesome clothes on him! Dress me to impress!

3. Take a screenshot of the finished skin with the model. 

4. Upload the image to a host and post the link in the comments below. 

Once you have done that just tweet something like this on twitter:

5. ” I just entered the @wooondercraft #FreeAvatarContest4 “YOURIMAGELINK

 There's also a date limit to enter the contest. All the comments beyond that date will be out of it.



Are you allowed to enter two or more times? Will we had more chances to win it?

Yes! You are allowed to enter as many pics as you want. I don't encourage it, because it's better to focus on 1 art and try to do your best, than to do plenty of them. But you are the boss. So good luck!


Who will choose the winner?

Once the time for submissions is finished, my dear wife and myself will choose the best one. Give us a few days to take that hard decision!


I didn't win! But I want one so much! What can I do?

It's a monthly contest, so try next month! Maybe you will have more luck! Or even you can order one here, if the shop is open. What is not polite to do is to send tweets, emails or leave non polite messages asking one for free. That's really not cool!


This is my way to say thanks for your support and constant love! Thanks so much!

And I wish you the best luck!

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And the winner is

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Congratulations! Frekkle You are the winner!


You win a Free EPIC Avatar! I will get in touch with you soon for the details!

Special Nomination

Full Contest Gallery

Thanks so much to everybody for entering the contest!! Your talent is awesome and infinite!
I really enjoy everyone of them, but I have to pick a winner!

Keep on drawing, my friends!

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