New Avatar Shop

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Hello fellow Crafters!
In a couple of days the Art Shop will be open with new items!
Be prepared for 3.0 of the Avatar Art Shop! It's coming with new items! Now you will be able to order a FACE IT! or a FANTASY avatar!
What's with geek names Sam? ^__^
Soon you will be familiar to those.

• FACE IT! It's a squared image (600px) delivered through email of your character face, handsome, ugly, ferocious or monster all are welcome!

• FANTASY Avatar it will take you to a new level! It's a more realistic and detailed brush work, a totally custom made drawing of your favorite fiction character or one you made yourself! Just give me some sort of description or pics (very welcome too) and I'll do my best work ever. Plus it will be shipped by post so you can frame it and put it on your wall!

bitcoin-logo (1) Another new in the shop is that (because my friend Max asked for it) now there is a new way to make your payment! The new cool thing in town it's called BitCoin.
I'm going to try that out if it's working ok I will implement it on prints and other stuff.

Thanks so much for reading the news I couldn't be more excited to start drawing them!

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At the END with JINX!

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SamCube-Enderdragon640 copy
Thanks to your support and love and dedication and appreciation, I think we could make The Last Stand noticeable on the Jinx Unsung heroes contest! And we have win (you are part of it, want it or not) the Runner Up prize. Basically infinite amount of Tee's at Jinx Store.
I want to say thank you to each one of you who entered the raffle or voted on the contest. Also to Mojang team, Jinx and all the judges for choosing that design!

As I'm writing this (from the new computer, first post with it!) I'm jumping and dancing, and trashing all my old tees with holes.


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Important notice

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Dear WonderArmy!

You know that my computer is broken, trashed, collapsed and even formated again it doesn't work. It died from graphic card or processor malfunction after 6,5 years.

Thanks to your kindness and my wife generosity the new computer, a powerful iMac 27″, it's on its way to the WonderCastle the first week of July (3th to 5th of July, Apple promises).

Orders, rewards and promises I made before the Crash happened, are on HOLD until everything works again! So allow me a couple of weeks to sit down and tune the computer and start working on those drawings that you sure are waiting!!

Thanks so much for your patience and love!

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Upgrade me 24h

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Finally! Oh wait… I'm sad! I mean my old iMac from 2006 had finally collapsed. I've been promising for almost 2 years that I will upgrade time to time I failed because lives goes on, and bills too and never could afford a new one. Now that this is inevitable, I still doesn't have the money but my wife is willing to lend me 2000€!!! Finally I can go back to YouTube videos, Skype and live drawings streams!! That's so awesome.

With that money I can buy a great computer. iMac is my personal preference due to the durability and stability all this years. Also, there are upgrades that can be made to make it a beast. I really can't either afford those, so I though this could be a neat idea, offering some stuff and asking people's help.
Thanks so much, specially to my dear wife, yes! I will return all your money and love back! And for all of  you for all the support all this time that wondercraft has been around!


2994 €

2000€ my wife's money + 200€ my own + 794€ all of you!


Thanks so much to all of you that make that possible!!! I will not forget!!

I will get in touch with all of you next monday to take note on what you want! Be ready! The new machine will be here in a week!

Love to you dudes! That' was really impressive and I can be grateful enough to all the support and love you shared in just 24h!

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Race the Sun – Major UPDATE

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Race the Sun – Poster Concept

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I'm starting with the warming up with some concept ideas for the Race the Sun poster. As you know if you read the last post, I'm doing some artwork for their Kickstarter Campaign. If you want to try the game or help it to get it bigger and better go here!

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