Shop are at the moment out of order. That’s because I’m trying to re-organize/re-think the items I was selling. Also, I’m willing to add a new Shop section: The Avatar Art Shop.

What’s the Avatar Art Shop?

A place where you can order an original drawing from your avatar.

What did I get?

You get an original drawing signed and shipped at your home.

What did you need to make my avatar drawing?

You’ll need to fulfill a form, giving me your username (so I can check your skin in 3d) and a description, where you can ask for custom changes on your armor, hat…

Black and White or Color?

For an extra price, you receive your signed Black and White drawing at your home, plus a PSD file (a Photoshop file, with layers) into your email.  That file will be at print resolution, big enough to print your own T-Shirt, Poster print, or whatever you want to do with it.

When will be available and how much will you take to make my avatar?

The shop will be available probably next week. Because of my limited spare time, I should ask to you a couple of weeks (color) and a week (black and white drawings).

At the moment I’m working on the page design and thinking in numbers for the prices. Stay tunned for more news!

This skin drawing was made for GameGeekRob.


  1. Oh excellente idée !
    J’apprécie vraiment ton travail, tu peux être sûre que j’en commanderai un ..

  2. This is an awesome idea.

  3. cant wait!!

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