And the winner is…

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Congratulations DelltaMan! You win a copy of Manga Studio 5!

It was a difficult task to choose just 1 winner!! Thanks so much to all of you for entering this contest I wish you the best luck on the next one! <3




You can feast your eyes with all the entries here:

Take a moment to take a look at those wonderful entries!! Winner will be announced later in this post!



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Big Original Art SALE

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Hellow wellow my dear Crafters!!

have you missed me in any of the Minecons I assisted? Did you wanted always to own an original piece of drawing from me? This is not digital, this is actual paper with actual ink and brush artwork!!

I'm doing cleaning on my studio and I decided to put all those originals that were around in my drawing desk on a Big SALE!

I'm leaving in a week to a Comic Convention in Barcelona to meet some publishers, and I need to pay for my wastes there for 4 days. I'll be hanging around meeting people and stuff. I already have a cheap plane ticket buy I need a little more for food and beer! You will help me to be well feed there and even I could buy some comics if there is some extra money and YOU GOT and AWESOME Original Art by SamCube!











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Manga Studio 5 (PC/MAC) – Design Contest

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

– The winner will be chosen by me (SamCube), not in a raffle, based in your original design.
– The prize will be a legit CdKey to the software Manga Studio 5 (PC/MAC) and will be sent by email to the winner with instructions on how to install it.
-Thanks so much for entering and sharing the contest!

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Avatar Shop, why the new prices

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I'm sorry to announce that I had to raise the prices of the avatars commissions. I found that the time I spent with them less the taxes from paypal was driving me a out of time, and took me too long and too many orders. Also I disabled the options to order more than 1 Epic at a time, because the shipping cost, any size bigger than A5 was so expensive, now each Epic it's a different order.
I'm sorry that may cause you some dissapointment in some of you, but I try to kept the prices the same as long as possible during this 3 years. Hope you understand.
You can visit the Avatar Art Shop here and start ordering your Minis, Epics, Fantasy or Face-it avatars! Whichever is your favorite one!

Thanks so much for your love and constant support.


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***Christmas Raffle*** Win 1 EPIC Avatar

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

This raffle is sponsored by @oue_st who so kindly send a Christmas donation through the site. Love to you Max!

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