Good news on the WonderCraft-Land! Finally you would be able to read in neat english the WonderCraft comic! And that’s because Astragali has agreed to be part of the team. He will revise all my  scripts so they come to you free from my usual mistakes and typos. Astragali is an amazing and generous guy. Let me introduce him to you in this short interview:


1. What’s your name/nickname?
My real name is Mark Cooper, and my nickname is Astragali.


2. How did you get that nickname?
Several years ago, I was having trouble coming up with an appropriate username which hadn’t already been taken. I came across the word “Astragali”, which are the anklebones of sheep, used by ancient civilisations as dice. It appealed to me as a dice collector, and so I went with it 🙂 But I didn’t know how to pronounce it, and got it completely wrong – though I prefer the way I say it 🙂


3. How did you get to know Minecraft? Ads? Friends playing? Review?
Funnily enough, it didn’t start with the usual route. The first glimpses I saw of Minecraft were on, and “Bob’s House of Video Games”. From there, I found SeaNanners’ videos on YouTube. Thing is, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that it was a first-person-perspective game, and bought it. First time I encountered a zombie, I screamed (at 3.30am, in a shared building with thin walls!), and switched to Peaceful! (I’ve killed a lot of mobs since, though 🙂 )
4. As a player you’re more a builder or an adventurer?
This probably sounds like I can’t decide, but I enjoy doing both… I switch from one to the other as the mood takes me 🙂

5. What’s the story of The Minecraft Scribe? How did the idea come to you?
My friend BitBurner (owner of the Minecrap server) pointed out that I’d put out screenshots on Flickr, and fiction and parodies on Google Documents and Scribd. He suggested that I should create a blog as a portal to all the stuff I’ve done. I’m not sure that he actually intended that I should write articles! 🙂 But I really enjoy writing, and so it felt natural to write about the things I made and the people I liked to hang out with, and it grew from there.

As for writing about Minecraft itself… This is actually the first gaming community that I’ve been a part of – I’ve played computer and video games for years, but never really considered myself a gamer until now. Minecraft just really grabbed my attention, and the creativity of the community continues to astound me.

6. You’re really a talented writer, but also you draw comics!
Yes, I do – and very, very badly at that >.< Back in December 2008, I was bored (my usual reason for starting anything), and began drawing comics – originally about the department store where I used to work, but it was changed to being a fictional store (“Supa$hoppa”) when it went up online, as “Paper or Plastic?”. Despite not being that great in terms of artwork, people have enjoyed the humour – and I have also done two or three comics about Minecraft. I’ve not drawn anything in a couple of months now, though, because I’ve run out of ideas at the moment 🙁

7. Tell us something about your passion for comics! (Name some favorites, too!)
I’m a fan of a number of web comics (including Wondercraft, of course), though I don’t read as many as I used to do – I think I went a bit crazy at one point, and was following nearly 60! >.< One of my favourites (and one I still read daily) is Squid Row, by Californian artist Bridgett Spicer. She’s a wonderful artist with a delightful sense of humour, and she’s also become a good friend 🙂

8. We all know that writers are always crazy or total eccentric. What do you need to start writing an article? A rabbit’s leg? A pipe? Do you write naked?
LMAO! I definitely don’t write naked! >.< The main thing, really, that I need to start writing an article is a good opening paragraph. It usually sets the tone for the rest of the piece, though I usually try to keep it as fun and interesting as possible, in any case 🙂

9. It was sweet that you let us to kidnap you into the WonderTeam, but you’ve also got other projects on the go…
True! Aside from The Minecraft Scribe blog, I was invited by The Shaft to become their writer/editor for their sections “The Minecraft Daily”, “Excavation Station” and “Sightings”… It’s a real thrill to be working for them!

And more recently, I teamed up with Kristal Crow (thecrystalcrow) and David Adams (stahscream) for a three-player “Let’s Play” series, Minecraft à Trois (warning: It’s definitely Not Safe For Work, because of language!)

10. And a few random/nonsense questions:
+ Do you like chocolate? White or black?
I love any type of chocolate – though I shouldn’t really eat it, because I seem to be allergic to it!

+ What shoes are you wearing now?
At the time of writing this, I’m wearing carpet slippers, which I prefer to do when I’m indoors 🙂

+ What’s the meaning of life?
To love, and be loved in return.

Name: Mark Cooper

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